{ Feeling the Fear }

Carolyn Pertwee

Feeling the Fear
and other intriguing tales
by Carolyn Pertwee

A young woman’s life is turned upside down as she prepares to confront her deepest fears. A group of friends is called together to hear a clergyman’s shocking revelation. A little girl tries to make amends, in the only way she knows how. A down-and-out variety performer remembers his dearest companion. A tumultuous love affair is given an unusual new perspective. A mother tries to mend a damaged relationship with her son, but he’s changed beyond recognition. Regular London walks evoke past times and events for a veteran and his friend.

In these short stories by Carolyn Pertwee – tales of love, betrayal, death, family turmoil, sexual misdemeanours, friendship, sadness, pathos and even murder – a twist and a turn are never far away.

This collection of tales is sometimes moving, frequently humorous, always entertaining and guaranteed to keep you intrigued.

"Feeling the Fear is as wonderful as any Roald Dahl short story book. I enjoyed it immensely."
Gary Wilmot

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