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Alex’s Journey }

Alex’s Journey


Although she had intended to explore people's wishes for the future, she also observes - with insight, compassion and humour - many aspects of life around Britain, from:

• meeting gang members on housing estates and
street corners, and

• differences between communities, people
and organisations, to

• life on the road as a single woman traveller

This book was conceived when Alex decided to create a memorial in the name of her beloved sister Kate who died in 2003. “I needed a purpose and the only thing for which I felt any enthusiasm was the idea of travelling Britain asking people their three wishes. It shouldn’t take more than a few months; this is a small country. I could then write a book and dedicate it to Kate’s memory. I packed tent, maps, clothes, and stamps and - filled with hope and an open mind - I set off.”



available in the uk only



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