{ How I Killed My Grandmother }

Anthony Tobias Mendelle

How I Killed My Grandmother – and other incredible stories
by Anthony Tobias Mendelle

Discovered in a suitcase after his death aged 97, this wonderful collection of short stories by Anthony Tobias Mendelle were written about the people and events in his long life.
Most are true, some are an embellished truth, and one is an entirely fictional story originally broadcast on BBC radio Wales. They span decades and locations from 1920s London East End, Walton on Thames, Little Venice, Northern Italy, The Old Bailey, Heaven and Hell, and Richmond, via a nursing home in Surrey.
Covering themes of family scandal and loss, deadly wartime encounters, fateful outcomes of lust, missed opportunities and murder, this extraordinary treasure trove of stories will enlighten, enthral and enrich readers of all ages.

How I Killed My Grandmother Cover

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