{ The Chechen Assassination Plot }

Anthony Tobias

The Chechen Assassination Plot 
by Anthony Tobias

The year is 1993. Two petty thieves from Armenia are sent by the KGB to London, to thwart a plan by the breakaway state of Chechnya to buy arms and seek recognition for its independence. But greed soon gets the better of the young men. What once seemed like a simple piece of deception leaves them with the dead bodies of two Chechen ambassadors on their hands, and they become entangled in a dangerous web of secret agents, international diplomacy and murder. As the body count rises they find that nowhere, and no-one, is safe. This thriller, set in London, is a clever blend of fact and fiction. The backdrop, which is the build up of Russia’s War on Chechnya, that continues today!

"A really terrific read. Fact or fiction I found it a real page-turner. Entertaining, and somewhere between Ian Fleming and Dan Brown, I couldn't wait to find out what would happen. A rattling good read!"
Alan Swedloff

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