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Marian Gold

Wartime Is Your Time 

– Womens Lives in World War 1 
by Marian Gold

Wartime is Your Time is a book chronicling the lives of women during the First World War, while their men were fighting at the front.

Whilst a generation of young men heroically fought and died in the Great War, what were the women doing? Did they stay passively at home, waiting for their loved ones to return? Magazines of the time concentrated on the "home front economy", both in fashion and food, encouraging women to knit for the troops and send them food parcels.

In fact, they left their home comforts and took over men's jobs, with great success. They worked on the land, in munitions factories, as VADs and ambulance drivers at the front. Often they too lost their lives.

Researching for the book the author Marian Gold had the rare opportunity to meet some of these women, and record their experiences. Most of them were very elderly, yet only a little prompting brought back memories of their lives in a society that has changed beyond recognition.

Marian weaves these memories with photographs, magazine articles and background discussion with reference to other publications She discusses the continuing success of the magazines up to and including the present day, picturing a world that is often far removed from reality.

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