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Marian Gold


Born in London in 1934, evacuated to the country during the Second World War, Marian left school at 14, and originally trained as a secretary. She married in 1954, had three children, and took an A-level in English in the early 1970s. In 1979,she took a BA in Contemporary Studies at University of Hertfordshire majoring in English Literature. During this time she helped to run an Educational Guidance Centre.

After attending a one-year Introductory Counselling Course, she began an MA much of which consisted of the study of First World War literature. This aroused Marian's interest especially after a trip to the battlefields of Northern France, and a visit to a war museum.

The heroism of an entire generation of young men who had patriotically fought and died made her wonder about what role the women played in the Great War. This informed Marian's approach to her MA thesis on "Literature in Crisis" which she then reshaped into her first book, Wartime is Your Time. Marian then went on to publish a book of short stories, The Tangled Undergrowth of Love as an ebook.

Marian lives in London and divides her time between her children and grandchildren, and as a Volunteer reader at a local primary school. She enjoys painting and creative writing classes, plays bridge and generally manages to keep herself occupied.

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