Ian Phillips

Ian Phillips is 68 and has been writing professionally for businesses and other organisations since 1993.

At the same time, he began researching and writing Grosse Fugue, using the spaces between projects to build the structure, characters and plot, as well as take the first tentative steps along the creative road.

When not helping clients or serving as a volunteer in education, Ian passes his time bolstering his passion for classical music and honing his bridge skills.

Married with two sons and living in North-West London, Grosse Fugue is his first novel. He has now also published his first non-fiction book How To Be A Great Goat.

Click here to see the 'Grosse Fugue' website.

Ian Phillips at the launch of Grosse Fugue, Waterstones, Hampstead, London on Thursday 3rd May 2012

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