Michael Bartram

Michael Bartram was born in Australia of English parents, and came to the UK at an early age. As a young man he became interested in the visual arts, developing a passion for the Victorian and early modern period. He was an early collector of Art Nouveau objet d’art.

In 1983 Michael was invited by the British Council to curate Pre-Raphaelite Photography, a touring exhibition exploring the relationship between early photography and the well-known school of painters. Lecturing in Berlin, Dresden, Manchester and Birmingham, he went on to write The Pre-Raphaelite Camera (Weidenfeld, 1985).

Michael has first-hand experience of the Middle East. He spent a year on an Israeli kibbutz and has travelled widely in Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. He worked for some years as a language teacher and has a doctorate in English literature.

Portrait of a Lost Boy is Michael's first book for Alliance Publishing Press. His other passions are eclectic including classical music, German and Jewish history, and the work of Carl Jung.

He lives in London and is married with three children and one grandchild.

Portrait of a Lost Boy: Michael Bartram, the official author video

Portrait of a Lost Boy: Michael Bartram, the official book launch June 2014

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